Horse riding Sessions 

A truly unique experience 

Adult Sessions – Adults and children ride in separate groups.

We offer high quality tuition for all levels of rider. From beginners to advanced all are welcome.

Riding is an incredible sociable and pro-health pastime for adults, regardless of experience or ability. The health benefits are enormous it can burn over 400 calories an hour, increase muscle strength by up to 50% without adding bulk, improve circulation and get you out into the fresh air.

It’s a great way to relax, unwind and beat stress.

Adult session £35.00 for the first session (includes £5 registration fee) and then £30.00 thereafter.

Child sessions £25 for the first session (includes £5 registration fee) £20.00 thereafter 

Exclusions: Maximum weight 14 stone

Certain medical conditions such as osteoporosis etc.

Beginners and returnee riders after a long break start with half-hour private lessons on the lunge. The average beginner will need between four and six half-hour sessions before they are invited to join a one hour group session.

Here at Lynch Farm we cater for riders with special needs covering a wide range of conditions.

“Horses as vehicles for rehabilitation, therapy and equine facilitated learning.”
These range from Autism, Tourettes Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and a range of other conditions including recovering Stroke Victims.
Typical charges for Special Needs riders are £ 19.00 per session during off peak hours.

Lead Rein Sessions, Mighty Mights and Junior Sessions

We have one of the most experienced and highly qualified teams of instructors in East Anglia and we pride ourselves on continuity of instruction.

Sessions are safe, fun and progressive. Our aim is to progress riders to be able to ride on their own in an open space on a suitable safe animal

We recognise that children may relate better to one instructor over another and we are always prepared to change instructor or session times to suit the individual. Please note that you have a duty to discuss with the Chief instructor or Directors of the Club any concerns regarding safety.

Lynch Farm Riding Ltd offers four different types of riding for the younger rider:

The twenty-minute lead rein session, which is intended as a no pressure introduction to riding for 4 to 7 year olds. £13.00 for the first session and £10.00 thereafter.
Saturdays and Sundays 3pm, no appointment necessary (long trousers a must).
Please phone for an appointment for other times.

Mighty Mights half hour riding sessions for 5 to 6 year olds leading to the one hour junior group session.

The one-hour junior session, which are planned continuous progressing to ABRS tests or Pony Club achievement badges for Pony Club centre members. All half- hour junior sessions have the specific aim of preparing the rider for the full one- hour junior session.

The progression through sessions is as follows:

All junior sessions, including lead reins, are subject to the rider having attained a minimum age, (4 years old), height and weight. The rider will also have to demonstrate the ability to pass a minimum pull test and to concentrate for set periods.

Lead rein sessions are aimed at introducing the rider to the half- hour junior session.

All half- hour junior sessions have the specific aim of preparing the rider for the full one- hour junior session.

Twenty-minute lead rein £13.00 

Half-hour junior session(Mighty Mights) £14.00.

One-hour junior session £24.00 for the first session and £20.00 thereafter.

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