Noggin, a 12.3hh dun 21-year-old Welsh Mountain Pony. Noggin came to Lynch Farm at 4 years old with Dominic. He is very good at teaching children to ride but does love a cheeky snack of grass when hacking! Make sure you check out his different coloured eyes!
Blaze, a 14hh bay 12-year-old New Forest Pony. He is a very cheeky character but loves his job. You might see him in hour group lessons, hacking or jumping which his favourite thing. Blaze came to Lynch Farm at 2-years-old so knows the routine well, but his favourite party trick is escaping from the field!
Alfie, a 14.1hh black 10-year-old Cob. He is on livery with us and owned by Eleanor. He is a very cheeky character with a big appetite! You may see him hacking or in lessons, but watch out for his favourite party trick of rolling in the sand!
Frosty, a 13.2hh grey 26-year-old New Forest Pony. He also has a big fan club and always looks after his rider very well! He likes being groomed and getting dressed up for Christmas and gymkhana parties. He is friends with Hughie in the field.
Hughie, a 11.3hh chestnut 15-year-old Welsh Section A. He has a big fan club and is a very loveable character. You might see him on lead reins and in hour group lessons. He loves polos and likes to sleep in the field a lot, usually with his friend Frosty nearby!
Shannon, a 12.2hh chestnut 32-year-old Welsh Section B. He is very sweet and a super star for school lessons, jumping and hacking. He is best friends with Bertie in the field. He is our bounciest pony so make sure you sit tight!
Bertie, a 11.2hh bay 34-year-old Welsh Section A. He often resembles a teddy bear with his cute face and curly coat. His favourite thing is playing gymkhana games where he likes to have a cheeky canter round the cones. He is best friends with Shannon in the field.
Bailey, a 15hh chestnut 14-year-old Welsh Section D. He is on livery with us and owned by Jennine. He is a greedy boy and likes to snack on everything he can! You may see him in school lessons or out hacking.
Stella, a 15hh black 16-year-old Cob. She is on livery with us and owned by Josh. Stella has a large fan club and as one of our few mares is a popular girl. She is great at teaching adults to ride, and enjoys jumping and hacking. Her favourite party trick is not letting you catch her from the field!
Dominic, a 15hh bay 21-year-old Welsh Section D. He came to Lynch Farm with Noggin at 4-years-old. He is very good at teaching adults to ride and likes school lessons and hacking. He is the leader of the herd in the field and bosses the other ponies around to keep them in shape!
Sammy, a 14.1hh bay 18-year-old Cob. He is an all-round super star with a big fan club and great at giving confidence. You may see him in school lessons, or doing his favourite thing which is hacking, especially through the river where he makes a splash!
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